Alkanet Root Powder




A natural botanical powder ready for infusion in oil. Powdered alkanet root can be used as a soap dye and will colour red/blue/mauve depending on the pH.

Alkanet will colour Cold Process or Hot Process soap from a red/purple to a blue/purple depending on the pH of the soap and the strength of the infusion.  If you discount the water content, the colour tends to be a more red/purple.  When using base oils with more yellow in them such as Mango Butter and Rice Bran Oil, or Orange and Mandarin Essential Oils these will subtly alter the final colour.

As an approximate guide, infuse 1 - 2 tablespoons into 100ml of Olive Oil.  You can also infuse into water using one of our Heat Sealable Tea bags (don't overload the bags - 1 tablespoon per large teabag).  We recommend a double or triple infusion for the best results.  See our instructions on infusing herbs here.  This quantity of infusion will colour approximately 1.5kg of soap.

Alkanet root powder can also be stirred through soap at trace to have a more speckly result.

There is a blog post by Soap Queen on Swirling Alkanet Root Infusion in Cold Process Soap

INCI: Alkanna tinctoria root
Ingredients: Alkanna tinctoria