Avo & Oat Dry Bath Oil






5 cups


30 mins

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Avo and Oat Dry Bath Oil

Our dry bath oil leaves your skin filling moisturised and soft with no oily slick to dry off on your towel.  The powder dissolves completely, and disperses the scent and moisturising oils throughout the bath water, with no oily slick on the surface.

The most difficult part of this is finding a large enough mixing bowl!  Because the Natrasorb Bath is so fluffy, I have made a smallish batch, but you can easily halve or double the mixture.  When making big batches, I keep a clean, purpose purchased 10 Litre pail (bucket).

What you need:


  • Scales
  • Spatula, spoon
  • Large, voluminous hand balloon whisk
  • Small jug or beaker, large mixing bowl or jug


  • Measure the oils into a small beaker or jug, including the Fragrance and Polysorbate 80
  • Mix well to combine
  • Weigh the Natrasorb Bath into a LARGE mixing bowl or jug, add the liquids in two portions, mixing in between for several minutes
  • Use a spatula or stirring stick to unclog the mixture from within the large balloon whisk and continue mixing, I did this several times for the my batch


You can use any airtight packaging you wish to, keeping the mixture nice and fluffy!  If it is for your own bathroom a nice glass, airtight cookie jar works well and you can spoon it straight into the bath. Our Medium Stand Up Pouch holds 40g, if you squeeze 50g in the powder will squish down a bit.  It does fit in our bail Jars or 240ml Double Wall Jars too.

If using "Add to Trolley" note there is no packaging listed, so just select your preferred packaging.
There are nearly enough ingredients left to make a second batch of product.

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 5 cups
Time: 30 mins