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Bath Bomb with Stainless Steel Mould - Kit Tutorial



This tutorial is a companion to our Bath Bomb Kit with Stainless Steel Mondo Mould

You can buy the kit HERE

 We recommend you divide the kit into two portions, that way you'll have more control, so this recipe is for one portion (half of the supplied ingredients).  Then make the second batch with the remaining ingredients.


  • 500g Bicarbonate of Soda
  • 250g cup Citric Acid 
  • Half the supplied Epsom Salt
  • Half the supplied Kaolin Clay
  • Up to 5g/ml (half a bottle) Essential or Fragrance
  • Liquid Colour

Equipment Required

  • A glass, ceramic or stainless steel bowl, a strainer or sieve, mixing spoon
  • 2 half-circle moulds - the two in this kit are re-used straight away
  • Spritzer Bottle filled with choice of water


  • Prepare a surface with greaseproof or waxed paper (preferably on a muffin or baking tray), ready to un-mould 
  • Sift or sieve all the dry ingredients (except salt) into a bowl and stir thoroughly
  • Now add the salt and stir through well to combine
  • Begin dripping in some colour and mix well. It will take a little time to work it well through the mixture
  • Add some Essential Oil or Fragrance (to suit your own nose) and stir through well to ensure you don't activate the mixture
  • Next, start to blend the batch with a spoon, and occasionally spritz with water - about 4 'spritzes' at a time. Don't use too much spray at once or you will activate the bombs!
  • You may like to get your hands in the mixture at this point (gloves are good but optional!). You are watching for a temperature drop - this is the point when you have added enough moisture
  • The mixture should hold together when squeezed VERY firmly in your hand and should still feel a little dry - if it feels moist it will start to activate. Patience is the key
  • Now on to moulding, you are nearly there! 
  • Pack the mixture slowly and VERY tightly into one half of the mould, working in layers and then add a little mound of mixture on top of one mould half 
  • Repeat for the second half mould. Now press the two halves together until the rim of each half meets 
  • Beware of open doors and humidity, both will tend to activate the bombs
  • To remove from the mould, carefully hold one half in your hand and slightly twist and pull away the top half of the mould. Reverse the mould, so the mould half is on the top and then carefully pull that away too
  • Now carefully sit the unmoulded bomb on the tray
  • Continue with the rest of the mixture, and then make up the second batch and repeat
  • Cover the bombs with paper towel or dry tea towel and allow to air dry for a day or two if possible
  • Either wrap or store in an airtight container ready for use


  • There is no need to leave the bomb "to set" in the mould, you unmould immediately and then refill the moulds within a couple of minutes. If left too long in the mould the fizzies will be more difficult to unmould.
  • After FIRMLY PRESSING the nearly dry mixture into the mould halves, only wait a couple of minutes before unmoulding. The slight mounding on one half helps the mixture form and stay as a sphere when unmoulded.
  • Air dry for a day or two if possible
  • Either wrap or store in an airtight container ready for use

This is Soap Queen's (Bramble Berry CEO) Video Tutorial which is very helpful.

Don't forget, there are more tips and information in our Recipe Formulary on our Website - the link is on the top centre of every page! 

You can purchase Mondo Bath Bomb Kit HERE