Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (42mm)




This Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Mould makes a professional, mini sized bath bomb that measures about 4.2cm across and is a perfect sphere.  The bath bombs weigh approximately 40g.  To see a set of all the Stainless Steel Bath Bomb Moulds in our range as a SET see them HERE, and you can see all our Bath Bomb Moulds on this page.

We found making bath bombs a breeze with these sturdy, smooth moulds. Just fill each side overflowing with your mix and push them firmly together - like a snow ball!  Then a brief tap with a spoon, then gently slide the sides away and allow your bath bombs to air dry undisturbed. Note: The mould halves are exactly the same.

NOTE:  The halves do not lock together, you push the halves to meet and press, then tap with a spoon, and unmould.

Mould Capacity:  around 40g 
Mould Cavity Diameter:  42 mm
Mould  half is 21mm tall
Mould Material:  Food Grade Stainless steel

To use the mould:

Fill each half fairly firmly, add a little extra bath bomb mixture to the centre of one half (which will help to keep it all together), and press the two mould halves together.  To avoid any imperfections on your bath bomb, make sure to direct the pressure evenly around each half of the mould rather than just the centre.