Blooming and Foaming Bath Oils








30 mins

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Blooming Bath Oil Recipes

What is a Blooming Bath Oil?  Blooming bath oils differ from ordinary bath oils in that they disperse INTO the water, rather than floating in an oily layer on top.  These are simple to create, and some interesting effects can be achieved by varying the ingredients you use.  Polysorbate 80 is best for these easy to make "oils".

If you wish to learn more about surfactants we have an starter info page HERE. You may substitute your favourite liquid oil to suit what you have, or what you like best. You may also use either Fragrance or Essential Oils.

No heating is required, just mixing and I like to use a Pyrex jug for making these.

Simple Blooming Bath Oil

Makes 250g Bath Oil

    67g Polysorbate 80 (27%)
  175g Fixed or Carrier Oil (ie Sweet Almond, Apricot, Hempseed, Avocado etc.) of choice (70%)
 Up to  5g Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils (3%)


1. Combine all ingredients in a clean Pyrex Jug or Ceramic or Glass Bowl
2. Stir well to combine all Ingredients well
3. Pour into a presentation bottle and Seal

To Use:  Add one tablespoon of oil to the bath.


Foaming Blooming Bath Milk

This solution will look milky, not clear due to the combination of ingredients.
Makes 500g Bath Oil

Part A

  100g Almond Oil (20%)
  130g Macadamia or Rice Bran Oil (26%)
    10g Polysorbate 80 (2%)
12.5g You may also use either Fragrance Oil or Essential Oils (2.5%)

Part B

 225g Coco Betaine (45%)
   10g Glyceryl Cocoate (2%)
   10g Hydrolyzed Oats or Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein (2%)
  2.5g Liquid Germall Plus (0.5%)


1. Combine Part A ingredients in a clean Pyrex Jug or Ceramic or Glass Bowl and mix well
2. Add Part B Ingredients and stir thoroughly, but carefully to avoid making bubbles
3. Pour into a Presentation bottle and Seal

To Use: Add one tablespoon of oil to the bath water under the running tap.



Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: Various
Time: 30 mins