Buttermilk, Clay and Rose Bath Soak






3 batches = 860g


30 mins

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Buttermilk, Clay & Rose Bath Soak

Milk powders are “go to” ingredients for me when thinking about a soak, and this one includes Buttermilk Powder.  This is blended with Dusky Rose Mediterranean Clay and White Clay. 

This bath soak is one of the featured formulas in our Formulating with Clay Book.  Our extra Large White Kilner (Bail) Jars are a great packaging option or divide it into our Stand Up Pouches for individual packs.

Suitable for:  All skin types including sensitive and mature

What you need:


Mixing bowl or jug, 750ml or larger
Beaker or small mixing vessel
Silicone whisk, or mixing spoon if preferred
Digital scales


  • Measure all dry ingredients except Natrasorb Bath into a jug or bowl.

Buttermilk, Clay & Rose Bath Soak


  • Place the Natrasorb into a mixing bowl and add essential oil (if using).
  • Mix well until the Natrasorb has absorbed the oils the mixtures appears like breadcrumbs.
  • Now measure the other ingredients into the mixing bowl or jug.
  • Stir to combine well.
  • Seal in a jar or stand up pouches.

Buttermilk, Clay & Rose Bath Soak

To Use:

Bath Soak:  Add a couple of tablespoonfuls into the bath under a running tap, soak for 10 minutes.
Foot Soak:  Add a dessertspoonful into a foot bath of warm water, swish to dissolve and soak for 15 minutes.

If using "Add to Trolley" the basket includes 10ml Rose Absolute 3% in Jojoba and French White Kaolin Clay


Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 3 batches = 860g
Time: 30 mins