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Foamy Bath Butter with Scrub Granules - Kit Tutorial





Up to 10 Tubs


1 hour


This Foamy Bath Butter project is available as a Complete Kit on THIS link

Equipment you need:

  • An electric mixer – hand held is fine, or stand mixer with balloon type whisk, NOT a stick blender
  • Spatula, spoon
  • 1 Litre size mixing bowl or jug or larger

Mixer tips:

If using a small hand held mixer you can beat the butter with 1 or 2 of the beaters in the machine, this will depend on the diameter of the bowl or jug.  As you can see from our pictures we just used one.  If using a stand mixer, you can either beat the entire kilo at once and then divide up into two batches before adding fragrance and exfoliants, or mix two batches if your machine is an efficient one. 

If you use a stand mixer the volume of the finished whipped soap will be larger than if using the small hand held mixer you see in the tutorial.  The volume of the finished whip will vary due to this, so there are 10 tubs included for the kilo of soap base, you’ll make approximately 3 – 4 tubs using the small mixer with a single beater for each 500g batch. If it is very cold in your work area, warm the Foamy Bath Butter on medium for 1 minute in the microwave – but do not melt it – just soften it slightly.  If making the soap in a warm environment there is no need to warm the base, just push the beaters into the soft soap and turn the mixer on low, slowly increasing the speed.  It will begin to separate and then come together nicely and will start to look like creamed butter.

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

With this kit you will make 2 batches of Whipped Foamy Bath Butter, each one will use:

  • 500g Foamy Bath Butter
  • ½ the supplied bottle of Apricot Kernel Oil
  • 1 sachet (30 - 50g) exfoliant
  • Up to 1 whole 10ml bottle of Fragrance or Essential Oil.


Roughly dice the Foamy Bath Butter and place in mixing bowl – make sure there is plenty of mixing space in the bowl

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

Squish the Foamy Butter Butter down and begin beating the unmelted base on low. It will be quite stiff.
If using a hand held mixer, you may need to scrape out the inside of the beaters, if using a larger mixer such as a Kenwood or Kitchenmaid, use the K style beater initially and then switch to the balloon whisk.

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

The mixture will be lovely and smooth and creamy at this stage.

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

Pour half the Apricot Kernel Oil into the bowl and continue beating until it is light and fluffy, scraping the beater and sides of the bowl as necessary
Now mix in the fragrance well and give the mixture a little more beating

 Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

Now add up to one full 50g pack of Botanical Scrub Granules supplied, you may like a little more or less, the choice is yours, mix through and you are done!
NOTE:  We like to take a teaspoon or so out and check immediately for scrubbiness – adjust if desired

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

Once the scrub granules are fully incorporated it’s ready for packing and using!

Foamy Bath Butter Soap with Botanical Scrub Granules

To package, into tubs:

There are two ways of doing this, either using a spoon, or you can pipe the whipped soap into the tubs using the Ziplock Bags provided.  This is a method we use for Moisturisers and there are full instructions on THIS link using bags when filling tubes (the method is the same)