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French Green Pear & Cocoa Butter Melt & Pour Soap Mini Loaf




Experienced Beginner


6 bars + 400g more soap


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

This is a lovely project for autumn and winter, though it's a great fragrance all year round and a firm favourite at Aussie Soap Supplies.  We use this method to style the Melt and Pour Soap loaf to echo the more rustic feel of Cold Process Soap.  The graphics show the thin dark line using Black Lustre Mica, but I think I would use a brown Mica next time, such as Espresso.


SFIC Cocoa Butter Melt & Pour Soap
Grassshopper Green Colour Block
Espresso Mica or Black Lustre
Provençal Spiced Pear Fragrance  or your preferred Essential Oil
Flexible Mould - Tall Mini Loaf
Isopropyl Alcohol and Spritzer Bottle


1 x Long Spout Pouring Jug or microwave safe jug - needs to hold 750ml or more (if using Pyrex you'll need a pot mitt too as it can get very hot)
Stirring spoons or spatula
Knife to cut the soap base
Pipette for Fragrance or Essential Oil
Small cup for mixing colour



Always ensure children are supervised, especially when handling hot soap and cutting.


Weigh 600g of Cocoa Butter Melt & Pour Soap Base.
Dice into 1 - 2 cm cubes and divide into two equal portions (ie 300g each).
Place one half into the jug.
Cover loosely and place in microwave.
Heat in short bursts in the microwave until melted, stir to dissolve any last unmelted pieces.

Slice small pieces off the colour block.

Add shavings of Grasshopper Green Colour Block and stir through the melted soap base until completely dissolved.
Spray with Isopropyl Alcohol to remove surface bubbles.
Add 3 - 5g/ml fragrance to the jug and stir well to combine.

Now pour this soap into the loaf mould and allow to begin to set up.

Once there is a firm skin on the soap (test this with your finger tip, score the surface lightly with a fork.
(This is personal preference, but if you want a completely flat colour line skip this step.)

This is a little messier with Melt and Pour Soap than with Cold Process, but totally do-able as you will see!
Either use a Powder Sprayer or a small sieve, and sprinkle a layer of mica over the surface of the soap. 
Now VERY CAREFULLY spray Isopropyl Alcohol over the surface. 
If you have any mica powder on the walls of the mould you can remove them now they are damp.  (Again personal preference).
I did this to tidy up the walls of the mould.

Now repeat the melting process for the top layer, but no colour is added.  The French Pear Fragrance will colour the soap
a light lemon colour.

Now spray the surface with Isopropyl Alcohol again so the layers adhere.
CAUTION:  As you pour the soap, pour slowly, either through the fork or over a spoon to try and avoid
any unnecessary mica floating up through the soap.  You can see some of my mica did combine.

However, I am very happy with my finished soap, as most of my thin dark line remained in situ!

When completely cold and set up, unmould and slice.  I used a Crinkle Cutter to cut this little loaf.

Now wrap or store in a jar.

Difficulty: Experienced Beginner
Yields: 6 bars + 400g more soap
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No