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This pack has 500ml of our natural Liquid Soap Base, Foaming Pumps and Fragrance - you can choose if you want to pump it up with an energising fragrance, or calm everything down with something more soothing.  Save money instantly by using our foamies to dispense hand soap at your sink or basin!

Our Liquid Soaps are true soaps (which means that are saponified) and contain no surfactants (including NO SLS or SLeS, DPG etc) and can be used "as is", or in our Foamies, diluted for lots of lather, but lots of savings. They are pure and gentle, and suitable for sensitive skin, as well as those wishing to choose more natural products.

Our Foamy Bottles have special a special built in pump that produces a thick foam from thin liquid soap. This makes them perfect for our Natural Liquid Soap Bases. Foaming Pump Bottles are very popular as an economical way of dispensing liquid soaps and shampoos, and also as a novel and fun gift when sold already filled with your product.

This Pack Contains:

500ml Natural Liquid Soap of choice (select above)
3 x 150ml Foamy Pump Bottles
1 x 10ml Artisan Fragrance or Essential Oil (select above)
Instruction Sheet

You can see full usage information on Using Foamy Pumps Here

Some fragrances (that contain Vanilla in their composition) may discolour liquid soap - this is normal.