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Loofah - Whole 5 ½" (Medium)


SKU: loof5


These Loofah segments are a little shorter than our original stock - approximately 14cm (5 ½ ") in length and 5 - 7cm in diameter with a cotton cord attached.  Loofah are natural plant "skeletons" so the size and shape will vary from batch to batch, though will be close to the dimensions above.

Our loofah segments are suitable for both Cold Process or Melt and Pour Soap logs and then sliced, or simply to fill a gap in a gift basket. They can be used with the cord attached, or placed in a vertical or horizontal mould and then sliced. Note:  If you prefer not to slice, we sell Loofah Slices HERE which are pre-cut for you!

If your loofah appears a little flattened, or squashed, simply pop into a bowl of water for 1 or 2 minutes and they will pop back into shape. If you have a special shaped cylindrical mould or square soap mould, simply give it a little nudge and encourage it to fit the mould, allow it to dry, and you will have a perfectly shaped cylinder or square Loofah.  Allow to dry and voila!

For tips on how to use whole Loofah, Click Here!

Note:   If purchasing 80 x Loofah, (this is a full carton) and will need to ship separately.  This carton weighs 2.7 kg.

INCI: Luffa cylindrica (Loofah)