We just love Loofah!  Loofah, Loofa, Luffa or Lufa - it's all the same but for the spelling and we just love it!  What is it?  Many people think this product is from the sea, but it's not.  It is a vegetable that grows on a vine, much like a large marrow, with a pretty yellow flower and a green fruit which is smooth and looks like a cucumber, and can grow up to 34cm in length!  The loofah are basically the skeleton of the ripe, dried fruit so it's a wonderful natural, renewable product that will slough off dead cells and smooth rough skin leaving your skin smooth and revitalised.


A distant relation to the cucumber, Loofah is the only plant that can be grown and used as an exfoliating sponge and/or exfoliant. As well as used to exfoliate and invigorate the skin, loofah can also be used to scrub dishes and cooking utensils! Whole loofah and slices look superb when surrounded by soap, or if preferred, add our ground or shredded loofah sparingly within the soap prior to pouring.

See this page for tips on using Whole Loofah sponges

You can all sorts of soap recipes in our free formulary using Loofah!