Malibu Tubes (Small)




Easy Fill wide Neck

Our Malibu Tubes have become firm favourites with our customers due to their durability and ease of filling and dispensing.  Our medium density Malibu style tottles squish down quite a lot suit Lotions, Moisturisers, Hair Conditioners, thicker formulation Shampoos and Body Washes, and Flowing Scrub Formulas.  These are ideal for travel as well as everyday use. The Lid has a "butterfly style" hinge which flips open.

Capacity:  50ml (2oz)
Colour:  White
Overall Height inc Lid: 108mm
Height without Lid:  80mm
Tube Diameter (Widthways):  44mm
Tube Diameter (Deep - varies):  23mm - 35mm
Tube Material:  MDPE, Cap: Polypropylene
BPA Free

The diameter of the tube orifice is quite wide (20mm.) for easy filling with the lid opening for dispensing measuring 5mm.

You'll find an easy method for Mess Free Filling Malibu Tubes and Bottles here

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