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Marshmallow Fun Soap






18 Squares (2 batches of 9)


1 hour


Products you need to make this recipe

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This project is just for fun - serious soapy fun!  The day I decided to make this soap I had no electricity so I considered this from a recipe perspective (measured by volume) instead of a formula (in percentages with everything weighed).  Admittedly I had wait for the power to come back on to melt my soap and whip it, but all the planning, prep and thinking was done.  As I had no scales and only my brain to calculate proportions I had made this as a “recipe” instead of a formula using cup measurements. 

All this said, I am a bit of stickler when trying to repeat formulations or increase the batch size but avoid the margin of error – so I returned to “best practice” and measured everything by weight when I had the power restored!

If you are using measuring cups make sure you use the same set of measuring cups so that you don’t have some with 250ml for 1 cup and other measurements with 200ml – we have many imported measures and I have measures which measure both for the same 1 cup measure!  So just grab one set of measuring cups.

NOTE:  This soap took 4 batches to perfect, and I could not get a good, firm, fluffed soap with any clear soap I used, including our Palm Free Neutral.  I have only managed to make this successfully with the Palm Free Goatsmilk Melt and Pour Soap.  So though it may work with other bases, I have not experimented other than my 3 failures!

Ingredients to make 2 x 500g batches:


2 x 1 litre microwave safe jugs (or Pyrex)
Electric hand held beater (balloon whisk not a stick blender)
Stirring sticks or spoon, spatula
Baking parchment (or Gladbake)
Scales (preferably) or measuring cups
Sieve or sifter - or try the method below for the powders
Thermometer - Useful but optional
Spare baking tray (for powder coating)
Disposable gloves (optional)
Disposable Pipette or dropper
Knife to slice finished soap

Marshmallow Fun Soap

If the SLSA and Cream of Tartar have any lumps, and you don’t have or don’t want to push the powder through the sieve creating dust, measure them and place it into a Ziplock bag, seal the zip ensuring there is no air in the bag (this avoids creating a pillow effect) and gently massage out the lumps with the back of a spatula or mixing spoon on the bench top until it is fine a powdery with no lumps.  Then it’s ready to use in the formula.

Marshmallow Fun Soap


  • Ensure the beater is UNDER the surface of the melted soap mixture or there will be too much air whipped into it.
  • Making 2 x 500g batches makes it easier to manage the soap out of the mould - lining the mould is a must!
  • You really do need to line the mould as the soap is very flexible and will tear and/or stick to the base.
  • This is melted to 75°C and poured at 69°C - this is hotter than our regular Custom Melt and Pour Soap Bases.
  • Tap down on bench to release some air, do not spray with alcohol.
  • To make the powdery coating you need approximately 1/2 cup Sericite (which is the best option I found).  I preferred this to White Kaolin Clay which was my other powder trial.  The Sericite (or clay or cornflour) forms a thin skin of protection and I have not had to wrap the soap squares.  If you don’t coat in sericite and allow it to absorb on the surface, you do need to ensure the soap doesn’t get exposed to any moisture and it may stick together if stored in a jar.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Cut two pieces of Gladbake type baking paper:
1 x  15cm square to line the base of the mould and cut 1 x long strip. 
Fold the long strip in half lengthways to use as a "lift". 
Place the double long piece in the base of the mould and then place the square piece over the top ready for the soap.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Dice the soap base and melt in a jug in the microwave. 
Add the melted soap to your bowl along with liquid soap, all the colorant, 1/2 the fragrance, 1/2 the cream of tartar, and the SLSA. 
Melt the diced soap base in the microwave until melted (around 75°C).

Measure and sieve the powders  into the other jug.
Add the powders and Coco-Olive Liquid Soap into the jug with the base.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Begin whisking this mixture, as it begins to thicken and the volume increases, add the fragrance (to your preference).
and the Citrus Orange Colour.  I used about 10 drops of liquid colour, so adjust the tone to suit your taste.

Marshmallow Fun Soap Recipe and Tutorial

You'll notice the colour will lighten as you whip the soap.
If the soap begins to set up during this process, give it a short blast in the
microwave and begin beating again.

 Marshmallow Fun Soap

You'll find it is suddenly ready to pour, for me this was at 69°C.
Pour swifly into the mould and then tap down immediately to release any trapped air.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Allow to set up for several hours or overnight.  If leaving overnight cover to avoid night time moisture.
To remove the soap from the mould firstly slide the knife around the edges of the vertical sides.
TAKE CARE - do not use a sharp knife with downward pressure of you will cut into your mould!
Then lift the soap out of the mould using the "handles" of paper.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Use a short bladed knife to cut into 9 squares.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

After cutting the squares remove the baking paper from the base of the soaps

Marshmallow Fun Soap

I like to use gloves for handling the soap when coating them.
Place the Sericite, white clay or cornflour into the spare tray and take the first bar and roll all surfaces into the powder,
ensuring it is well coated on all faces.

Marshmallow Fun Soap

Oh, did I mention that it floats?  This really is a fun soap, it is soft and squishy, it floats, and kids love it, but it's not something I would
use on a nightly basis, but is just a fun project!

The first graphic shows Isopropyl Alcohol, but I found it was not required, so this is not included in the "Add to Trolley" ingredients bundle.



Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Intermediate
Yields: 18 Squares (2 batches of 9)
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No