Rich Foot Butter Balm








30 mins

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Rich Foot Butter Balm Recipe

This is a wonderful rich, full oil butter similar to the consistency of petroleum jelly, but feels much nicer, and totally natural.  Though formulated for feet, it is really helpful for all dry skin, especially elbows and heels.

This is an all oil formulation (Anhyrous), so no preservative is required. However, we recommend some Rosemary Oleoresin Extract to lengthen the shelf life.



  • Combine all ingredients except Essential Oils in a pyrex jug or ceramic bowl.
  • Microwave on Medium/High until just melted.
  • Allow mixture to cool a little and add Essential Oil blend and combine well.
  • Pour into jars, tubs or pots.

Tip: If you wish to apply to your feet at night, use thin cotton socks to avoid making your sheets very greasy. You will wake up with lovely smooth feet next morning!

Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 125g
Time: 30 mins