This list has been created in an endeavour to help save our customers time.  You can still use our search engine of course, but the following is a list of stock received since the fire that destroyed our entire inventory on October 9, 2020.  We hope to have most items that we are able to restock back within six months, however, the rebuilding of our old premises will take about 12 - 24 months, so we do have limited space in our temporary warehouse.

Each link will open a new page on the website where the item available for purchase. 
Expected arrival dates of ordered stock are listed below.  These are not fixed dates due to COVID delays, but our best estimates.

Stock Reminders:

This list will be updated on a daily basis as products arrive so please check this regularly.

• Products that appear on our website but not listed in the BACK IN STOCK - POST FIRE category will be available in due course.
• Products that are no longer found on our website (except Kits) have been discontinued and we will not be able to restock these.
• Our $40.00 minimum order amount remains.
• We are unable to add to or combine orders.
• Credit card payments must be made online or payment can be made via direct deposit.
• To upgrade freight to Express Post, note this request in the comments box when placing your order.
• We are unable to accept forward orders
• Pick Up service - temporarily unavailable

With minimal staff our ability to answer phone calls is limited. Please get in touch via the CONTACT US page.

New items that have arrived just prior to and since the fire are listed on the NEW ITEMS listing page.

SFIC - pushed back to Mid February due container being offloaded and no ship available (the COVID effect)
Stephenson - 2 containers still in transit, now 2 weeks overdue.  The first container is due within a week, with the second at the beginning of February.


Melt and Pour Soap Bases - late January, February, and May
Liquid Soaps and Shampoo - late January/February and May
Micas - mid December and more in February
Oxides - late January
Neons not listed above - February
Activated Charcoal Powder - February
Botanical Scrub Granules - March
Mediterranean Clays - March/April
Eco Glitters - March/April
Beakers, Thermometers and other tools - February
Fragrances - we are in a long, long queue - please watch this page and our Social Media as each arrives at the warehouse, they will be advertised.  We do know the first pallets are due 21st February, with more shipments following each week.
Double Wall Jars - February/March
Spa Scrub Pots - February
DEO tubes - February
Twist up Tubes and Maxi Tubes - February
Multi Pour Tool for Regular Loaf Mould - Feb/March
Soap racks, dishes, scoops - January 20.

Kits - we hope to release the first 20 kits on February 1.  The whole range will be restocked as soon as we are able to arrange ingredients, pack down space and storage. We have a very tight amount of space until our premises can be rebuilt and so cannot stock all our kits as previously offered.


Lip Balm:  Nourishing Vegan Lip Balm and Premium Lip Base


Natural Skin Care Using Nourishing Oils and Butters
Formulating with Cosmetic Clays


Essential Oils





Lip Flavours

Moulds (Our apologies as these are not in any specific order)

Discount Mould Bundle - Botanical Designs
Discount Mould Bundle - Kids Designs ONE
Discount Mould Bundle - Kids Designs TWO
Discount Mould Bundle - Unpatterned Designs

Flexible Mould - 4 Citrus Slices
Flexible Mould - 4 Round with Bevel Edge
Flexible Mould - 6 cavity Honeycomb with Bee
Flexible Mould - 6 Rectangles with Bevel Edge
Flexible Mould - 6 Round with Rippled Edge
Flexible Mould - 8 Bar Rectangle (Round Corners)
Flexible Mould - Bee Circle (Guest)
Flexible Mould - Loaf (MEDIUM)
Flexible Mould - Loaf, Small
Flexible Mould - Strawberry, Large (15 Cavity)
Flexible Mould - Succulent (4 Cavity)
Flexible Mould - Woolly Sheep (6 cavity)
Flexible Silicone Mould - 4 Blossoms
Flexible Silicone Mould - 4 Massage Bars
Flexible Silicone Mould - 4 Lotus Flowers
Flexible Silicone Tray Mould - 12 Bars (Slab with grid lines)
Flexible Silicone Tray Mould - 8 Rectangles (Slab)
Mould - Unicorn Horn (6 cavity)
Wooden Loaf Mould with Silicone Liner
Flexible Mould - Loaf Mould Regular
Bath Bomb Mould Pack
Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (42mm)
Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (51mm)
Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (63mm)
Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (69mm)
Bath Bomb Mould, Stainless Steel (76mm)
Budget Mould 4 hearts
Budget Mould 2 hearts & 2 flowers
Budget Wise Flex Mould - Choo Choo Train
Budget Wise Flex Mould - Kids Vehicles (2)
Budget-Wise Flex Guest Mould - Tropical Flowers
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Hexagon Deep
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Oval Deep
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Rectangle Deep
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Round Deep
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 4 Square Deep
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Bubbles or Puffy Clouds
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Christmas Trees
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Easter Eggs (Regular)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Hearts
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Oval
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Plain Rectangles
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Snowflakes (Chunky)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - 6 Snowflakes (TWO)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Big Building Bricks
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Butterfly (Single)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Butterfly Garden Oval
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Crown (Gothic Cathedral)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Daisy (Single)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Domed Oval
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Donuts
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Donuts (with Scalloped Top)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Guest Rectangles (12)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Daisy (Single)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Mini Loaf
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Mixed Floral
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Pick n Mix
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Square (Large Guest)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Sugar Scrub Cubes
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - Twin Rectangle
Budget-Wise Flex Mould Guest - Bugs & Butterflies
Budget-Wise Flex Mould Guest - Paw Print
Budget-Wise Flex Mould Guest – 6 Bar Square
Budget-Wise Flex Mould – 4 Basic Shapes (Rounded)
Budget-Wise Flex Mould – 6 Bar Rounded Rectangle
Budget-Wise Flex Mould – Happy Bear
Budget-Wise Flexible Mould - Christmas
BW Flex Mould - 6 Unicorns
Flexible Mould -  4 Arabesque

Clamshell Mould (Rectangle)

Disc Mould Pack
Flex Guest Mould - 100% Hand Made (ROUND)
Flex Guest Mould - 100% Hand Made (Square)
Flex Mould - 6 Round (SPIRAL)
Flex Mould - 8 Pie Slices
Flex Mould - Honey Bees Rectangle
Flex Mould - Koala
Flex Mould - Sunflower Rectangle
Flex Mould Embed - 15 Flowers

Flex Mould Embed - Cactus
Flex Mould Embed - Owls
Flex Mould Embed - Tiny Hearts One (55 cavity)
Flex Mould Embed - Tiny Hearts Two (2 sizes, 56 cavity)
Flex Mould Guest - Baby Sleeping (2)
Flex Mould Guest - Owl (Single)
Flex Mould Guest - Thank You
Flex Mould Embed - 7 Unicorns (MINI)
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Duck

Flexible Column Embed Mould - Star
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Cactus
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Cat
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Daisy
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Dolphin
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Heart
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Moon
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Round
Flexible Column Embed Mould - Tree
Flexible Embed Mould - Butterflies
Flexible Embed Mould - Dinosaurs TWO
Flexible Embed Mould - Mermaid Tail (Mini) Sheet
Flexible Embed Mould - Mermaid Tail (Single)
Flexible Embed Mould - Mini Blackberries & Raspberries
Flexible Embed Mould - Mini Blueberries
Flexible Mould - 6 Cute Cat Face
Flexible Mould - 8 Hearts, Rounded
Flexible Mould - Elephants (6 Cavity)
Flexible Mould - Kids Animals (6 Cavity)
Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Rectangle
Flexible Mould - 12 Bar Square
Flexible Mould - Small Slab
Budget-Wise Flex Mould - MINI Daisy (Single)

Moon Cake Press Moulds

Loofah Slices
Loofah Segments 5"
Loofah Segments 7"

Packaging and Containers

Soap Stamps
Soap Stamp - Dragonflies
Soap Stamp - Goat Milk
Soap Stamp - Hand Made ONE
Soap Stamp - Hand Made Soap TWO
Soap Stamp - Hand Made with Birds
Soap Stamp - Honey Bee
Soap Stamp - Paw Print
Soap Stamp - Natural Soap TWO
Soap Stamp - Olive Oil
Soap Stamp - Kangaroo
Soap Stamp - Hand Made Natural Soap with Flowers
Soap Stamp - Natural SOAP TWO
Soap Stamp - Handmade Soap 100% Natural (Round)


Hanger Swirl Tool
Discount Tool Bundle
Beaker 100ml
Beaker 250ml
Cosmetic Spatulas, Curved White
Pouring Jugs




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