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Jelly Soap Christmas Trees Tutorial






15 Jellies


1 hour (not inc melt time)


Products you need to make this recipe

Do you have one or more of these ingredients already? No Problem! Choose only what you need and the total price will adjust accordingly.

Jelly Soap Christmas Tutorial DIY

Our Christmas Soap Project is a Jelly Soap that really lets the mica shine and sparkle through, and we’ve kept it really simple for those who want a novel, handmade gift, but one with individuality.

1kg Stephenson’s Crystal Jelly Soap makes a load of Festive Trees in our BW Flex Mould – Christmas Trees  and we’ve made some jellied Happy Bear Face soaps as well.  I leave the Jelly Soap in the moulds for about 10 – 15 minutes, and they set up nicely, then I let them drop out of the mould and then pour the next lot of soap.

The main thing with the Jelly Soap is that it needs a long slow melt. I use a baby Crock Pot with the lid on, but a double boiler, or just a bowl over a pan of simmering water on the stove will do the trick too (see graphic below).  It’s just a matter of not trying to hurry the melt!   As well as this tutorial, you can download Stephenson's Usage Info HERE.

Each Christmas Tree cavity holds 65g of soap. I prefer to melt a full 1kg of Jelly Soap as it sets up quite quickly, and takes ages to melt.

I did try sprinkling Eco Glitter into the moulds before pouring the Jelly Soap, but have decided it was not a clever idea, as it stayed stuck to the mould after unmoulding. It was better to have the glitter added to the soap base so it was distributed throughout the soap.  As Jelly Soap is a little moist when set up it is also possible to sprinkle some glitter on the top of the finished soap as well.

For each pour of 6 soaps we use 400g of Jelly Soap because some sets up on the walls of the jug.


  • Double boiler (saucepan, lid and jug) or small crockpot
  • Electronic scales - useful, but optional
  • Disposable Pipette
  • Pot Mitt - if required for metal lids or Pyrex
  • Stirring spoon, spatula etc
  • 250ml to 500ml jugs

For packaging, I love the convenience for selling and gifting when using our Clamshell Rectangle Mould Pack (one per tree) as they protect the jellies from any squishing, but some soapers also use the kind of waxy or non stick paper that some delicastessen counters use for packing their cheese and meats.  If you are using the Rectangle Mould Packs carefully place the in the BASE, ensuring you adjust the tips of the tree in the box, and then pop on the lid.  (These moulds are not included in the trolley items below)

Processing Tips:

  • The biggest tip to take note of is:  when melting this base remember that patience is key! 
  • The best, smoothest jelly soap is achieved by very slow, low heat melt.  Let it slowly melt for an hour or so over the hot water and I go and do some other soaping whilst it melts
  • For large batches or If you are making jellies for sale, the small crockpot is the way to go - on low, covered, and check every 30 minutes or so
  • Use a small blade knife, or scissors to dice or cut the soap base into cubes ready to melt
  • There is no need for Isopropyl Alcohol to spray away bubbles, it doesn't often work for Jelly Soap!

Sparkling Snowflake Jelly Soap Christmas Trees


Put the Jelly Soap on to melt way ahead of time! I like to get it started 2 hours before I need it

Dice or cut the required amount of Jelly Soap into 1 - 2 cm cubes
Place in crock pot, double boiler or bain marie, cover and melt

Jelly Soap Tutorial

This is how I melt small batches in this double boiler melt method

Melt the soap using your preferred method
If using Pyrex, it gets HOT, so use a pot mitt to remove the hot jug from the heat source.

Sparkling Snowflake Jelly Soap Christmas Trees

Once liquid, remove 130g for each two soaps, one at a time
Colour the small jug of soap to a good depth of colour, and add approximately 1.5 g/ml fragrance and stir in well 
As seen above, I added White Pearl Mica to all the green and red colours as well to give that gorgeous sparkly finish
If the Jelly Soap has started to set up in the jug, a quick re-heat in the microwave will fix this 
Pour into the mould cavities

Repeat for the other colours

Sparkling Snowflake Jelly Soap Christmas Trees

If you have any Rainbow Glitter:  I tried to get a frosting of glitter on the top of the soaps by sprinkling some into the mould
before pouring the jelly soap.  This was not successful - the glitter just stuck to the silicone mould
and didn't enhance the finished soaps. So avoid doing this!

Stir gently and thoroughly to mix the colour and fragrance until well combined 

For the swirled two tone trees:

Method One: Take one jug in each hand and pour simultaneously into the mould cavities
Method Two: Pour the contents of one jug into the other jug and then immediately pour into the mould cavities – the soap will swirl itself as you pour For the next pour of 6 soaps, a batch of swirled – “in the jug” Jelly Soaps:

 Sparkling Snowflake Jelly Soap Christmas Trees

Pour the remainder of clear jelly soap into each of the 2 jugs (approximately 190g in each)
Add 1 – 2g/ml fragrance and some Deep Seagreen Liquid Colourant and White Pearl Mica to one jug
Add 1 – 2g/ml fragrance and ¼ to half scant teaspoon Snowflake Mica to the other jug and stir to combine
Use whichever method above you prefer and pour - they are done!

Sparkling Snowflake Jelly Soap Christmas Trees 

Ideas for other projects Jelly Soap recipes can be found  HERE and HERE.

Using left over jelly soap

Jelly Soap Bears

Jelly Soap sets up quite quickly!  So after each pour of 4 soaps, you will have a little left.  If you don't want to
have to wait to remelt the base each time just scrape the set jelly soap out of the jug, and store in a continer for a future project.

You can see our ideas for using all your left over Jelly Soap on THIS page


Usage Tips for wiggly, jiggly Jelly Soap

  • Don’t take the whole soap out into the shower at once, pinch or cut off a small cube to take into the shower
  • Use a scrub mitt or towelling covered sponge (I get mine from K-Mart) or folded face cloth (wash cloth) to work the soap into a foamy lather
  • You’ll need to have water to hand too, like shampoo, it needs a generous slosh of water in order for the lather to be created with the friction of your hands
  • Then apply to the body using circular motions 

Not included in the trolley items are: Eco Glitter, choice of fragrances and,  Clamshell Rectangle Mould Pack with lids.


Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 15 Jellies
Time: 1 hour (not inc melt time)
save: No
sale: No