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Structure XL




This product is a naturally derived, starch-based (maize) powder that creates a satiny feel and assists maintain a stable emulsion.  Use Structure XL to thicken and build viscosity in lotions, creams, liquid soaps, shampoo and body washes.

It makes a nice gel product and although it is not suitable for anhydrous formulations, Structure XL will hold a small amount of oil on its own.  Structure XL can aid emulsion stabilisation whilst building viscosity.  An emulsion containing Structure XL will have outstanding stability over a broad temperature range (-30°C up to 50°C).  It also brings body to the formulation and a conditioned after feel.

Structure XL is readily cold water dispersible so that no pre-mixes are needed and can be added to the oil phase or at the end of a production, so a "one pot process" is possible.  Create a gel by using water, infusions, and floral waters etc - adding Structure XL - add in cold water and let stand for five minutes.  I have successfully added it to finished product to thicken and enhance the feel by just stirring through and letting stand for a few days, though you will need to trial this method in your own formula.

Structure XL is compatible with most ingredients, and easy to use, especially so because it is cold processable.  You can use Structure XL in heated phases and in a wide range of pH levels.

To create a gel to add to your formulation:   Add 2 - 7% of Structure XL to any of the following:  Distilled Water, Hyxrosols, Floral and Infused Waters, Extracts etc and stir.  Allow the mixture to stand for 5 minutes and stir again.

CAS:  113894-92-1
Usage Rate:  2 - 7%
Naturally Derived
Country of Origin:  USA

INCI: Hydroxypropyl Starch Phosphate
Ingredients: Maize