Swirled Soap Loaf - Melt and Pour Soap Kit Tutorial




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Kit Mini TutorialSwirled Melt & Pour Soap Loaf


Swirling Melt and Pour Soap can be a little tricky, but it's not really, just take note of the temperature of each colour jug and to ensure they are roughly the same. If the soap  starts to set up in the jugs, just remelt! There is no specific temperature required as it will vary slightly from base to base, but be aware that if you are pouring too hot the three colours will tend to bleed into each other. 

If you have a thermometer though optional, I like to work around 50 - 65°C - but this will vary a little from base to base, with the Palm Free Base having the highest melt point.

You can buy the complete kit to make this soap HERE



You can buy the complete kit to make this soap HERE




Difficulty: Experienced Beginner