Wildflower Honey, Yoghurt and Oats Cold Process Soap






12 - 14 bars


1 hour


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This yummy combination cold process soap has no added colour and is a nice journey from the kitchen pantry into the bathroom.  Because of the honey and yoghurt it can super heat so I have chosen to use individual cavity mould to ensure it doesn't over heat.  I don't insulate this soap and have a peek to see if an even gel is happening.

If you are a beginner, we recommend you make a few batches before attempting this soap as it can be a little overwhelming trying so many new things when just starting out. If you are more experienced, it's plain sailing!


  •   35g Wildflower Honey Fragrance (L'Occitane type)
  •   1 tablespoon natural yoghurt 
  •   1 tablespoon liquid honey 
  •   1 tablespoon whole oats (not quick oats) for decoration on top 
  •   Silicone Rectangle Mould - the individual cavities will help avoid the soap overheating 
  •   A spare mould handy in case you you have some left over soap


All your regular Cold Process Soap making equipment and Safety Gear including Goggles and Gloves
Small bowl to mix honey and yoghurt


If you are a beginner, we recommend you make a few batches before attempting this soap as it can have a hot gel.   For how to make soap from Scratch, please see our Cold Process Soapmaking Instructions.  You can also watch Soap Queen's You Tube Series on Cold Process Soapmaking.

 Wildflower Honey Oats and Yoghurt Cold Process Soap

  • Prepare your workspace and set out the ingredients and  fragrance ready to go
  • Combine the honey, yoghurt and oat extract and fragrance in a glass jug or beaker.  Stir until the mixture comes together and is smooth in texture

Wildflower Honey Oats and Yoghurt Cold Process Soap

  • Bring soap to medium trace, and then add the honey and yoghurt mixture and mix thoroughly through the traced soap.
  • You are done, pour into the mould cavitites
  • Give the surface a quick spray with isopropyl alcohol to avoid any ash, and then sprinkle a few whole oats on top to decorate

Wildflower Honey Oats and Yoghurt Cold Process Soap

  • Check the soap periodically to see how gel is coming along.  If it's a really hot summer day you can pop the mould on a tray and slide it into the fridge to bring it down from gel.  It does depend on the ambient temperature.
  • This picture shows the soap at full gel

Wildflower Honey Oats and Yoghurt Cold Process Soap

  • Allow to sit in the moulds for a day or two and then unmould and slice as usual. Don't forget there's no evaporation in the silicone mould, so it will be a little softer for longer.



If using the Trolley items, you need to purchase Distilled Water, Olive Oil and Sodium Hydroxide from the supermarket.


Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 12 - 14 bars
Time: 1 hour
save: No
sale: No