About Us

We are not anonymous!  You can speak to us, email us or visit our office to sniff fragrances or collect your order if you are in Perth.   We run an exciting and challenging business with you, our customers, in mind - constantly evaluating new ingredients and working on new formulas.  We have an amazing crew of Elves who support us, and they do their best every day!

Aussie Soap Supplies® grew out of our soap business, Yggdrasil’s Hand Made Soap, a small business venture begun in 2001 that blossomed from our love of soap making.  We have been making our soap for over 28 years now – that’s a lot of soap!  With this experience we started teaching and helping others, and so Aussie Soap Supplies was born.  Our love of herbs and using natural ingredients, led us on further and further, until we reached the point we are today – stockists of Australia’s widest range of Soap, Spa and Lotion making products.

We are a family owned and run, Western Australian Wholesale supply business that specialises in quality soap, shampoo and moisturiser ingredients, high grade Fragrances, cosmetic grade colours, soap moulds and unique packaging at wholesale prices to crafters and small business.


At the heart of our business is our passion for the creation of Hand Made Soap and Bath Products full of great quality, naturally sourced ingredients, high quality fragrance and colours, and as creative as we can make them!   We still formulate our own products from scratch, and have released four books to help new crafters get started.  We actually USE the ingredients we sell, and formulate with enthusiasm and curiosity, so we have first hand experience.  This is why we are able to supply recipes, formulas and information on our ingredients and supplies, unlike some companies who just "sell the goods."

We pride ourselves on being an ethical business in all ways possible.  We have developed an honest and open relationship with our suppliers and growers, and appreciate the pride and care with which they produce their goods.  Product Quality and Customer Service will always come first for us.

To the best of our knowledge, we do not stock any products currently tested on animals, all are either natural, vegetable derived, or safe synthetics.  We are a Vegetarian/Vegan friendly business.

Aussie Soap Supplies® is located in Kardinya, Western Australia, not far from the port of Fremantle. and you can contact us via telephone or email on our Contact Us page. Our phones do get really busy, Rebecca and Vee are there to help if needed.

Even before establishing Aussie Soap Supplies, we had been long time customers of Bramble Berry Inc, importing their fabulous Cold Processed Soap tested fragrances for our soap and bath products.



We were accepted as Bramble Berry's first International Distributor in 2002.  The main reason for choosing an alliance with Bramble Berry are their quality, dependable products as well as the fact they are leaders in the field of soap making fragrances. Bramble Berry produce completely dependable fragrances, with a full description of their characteristics and usage tips. Both Bramble Berry and ourselves are committed to personally testing all Fragrance Oils. 


  • Share the Dignity - Women’s charity that makes a real, on-the-ground difference to homeless women and victims of domestic violence.
  • Kiva which assists small business access loans in developing countries.
  • Annalakshmi & The Temple of Fine Arts who help with service and food and assist the underprivileged in India
  • We also support local efforts in charity fundraising with donations of product and goods
  • We also support various local enterprises (such as Women's Council WA who support those experiencing domestic and family violence) and other charities with donations of goods.
  • Aussie Soap Supplies is thrilled to have purchased a boat to be gifted to a family in the Phillipines, which was so devastated by a typhoon. (2014)

We also like to help small local charities when possible.

Happy Soaping!

Jude and David,
Aussie Soap Supplies