Activated Charcoal


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Natural, black colourant.  Our activated charcoal powder comes from various hard woods (a renewable resource) and is made in Binchō-tan style.  It is produced by a high temperature steam activation process and is used in pharmaceutical and the food industries.

Activated Charcoal Powder is used to make beautiful black and rich grey colours in natural soap and many other personal care products.  If used at lower concentration, shades of grey are achieved, at high concentration coal black is the result.

Usage:  Combine with some water or oil, mixing into a strong paste and stir through soap at trace.  As a rule of thumb, use approximately tsp) charcoal powder in 300g of Melt and Pour Soap.   For Cold Process Soap approximately 1 - 2 teaspoons per kilo, however swirling is recommended to avoid dark grey lather,

Add Fragrance or Essential Oils after you have achieved the desired colour.

This product is packaged in a screw top Jar, depending on size. There is an inner seal in the jar - OPEN WITH CARE!  500g and 1kg sizes are packed in zip pouches - again open with care!

INCI: Activated charcoal
Ingredients: Carbo activatus