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Bath Bomb Mould - Fluted Dome




Our domed, aluminium Bath Bomb Moulds make a half dome shaped bath bomb that measures about 4.2cm across and is so easy to unmould.  The bath bombs weigh approximately 95g per half so 190g if you are make a 3D product. 

Although you can make a full sphere, we actually prefer to make two half 2D moulds per set.  Invert the filled mould on a tray, give them a sharp, firm tap as you place them and the bath bombs come out easily.  Note: The mould halves are exactly the same.

NOTE:  The halves do not lock together, if you wish to make a 3D you line up the rims and dome ridges of the two halves to meet and press, then tap with a spoon, and unmould.   Once dry, carefully wipe away any seam lines that have formed.

Mould Capacity per half:  around 95g 
Mould Cavity Internal Diameter base to inner rim:  4 - 7cm
Mould  half is 3.6cm deep
Mould Material:  Food Grade Aluminium

To use the moulds:

2D:  Firmly pack the half mould in the desired style, and invert firmly onto a tray.
  Fill each half fairly firmly, add a little extra bath bomb mixture to the centre of one half (which will help to keep it all together), and press the two mould halves together.   We recommend hand washing the moulds in warm, soapy water immediately after use.