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Beeswax Christmas Tree Decorations






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This is now one of our 'vintage' tutorials, but it is very popular every festive season and we have updated it with new designs.  Our old decorations were looking a bit the dusty and sad, so we made some fresh ones using a our current pale beeswax, and recycled a couple of the older ones.  It is so easy to make these lovely, stylish decorations for your Christmas Tree using natural Beeswax and your regular silicone guest soap moulds, guest size soap moulds or chocolate moulds.

If using regular soap moulds, most will be too deep if filled to the brim, so only pour 1/2 cm of wax in, and they are perfect size and weight.  

These decorations (pictured) use 100%  Yellow Beeswax Pastilles but you can use any type of Beeswax and colour with either lip colourants or candle colourants, but I like minor dusted with sparkle mica and leave the beeswax un coloured.  Scented or unscented, they are delicious!  We used Country Kitchen aka Sleighride Fragrance in our originalal decorations - yum!  For our new decorations we used Cranberry Fig Fragrance, as it's warm and comforting.

These make excellent, economical gifts which are always admired, and can be personalised in so many ways.  A brush of mica on them when you unmould, and they glisten beautifully.

The temperature of liquid beeswax is quite high so if you are pouring into regular moulds - just have the wax nice and liquid, but not overly hot to avoid warping the moulds.  I pour mine at around 85°C as I don't want to burn off the fragrance.

How to:

Melt the beeswax in a Pyrex Jug (you'll need a pot mitt to handle the jug)

When the temperature is around 80°C, add fragrance around 3 - 5% scent load, which is quite good for the tree decorations

Stand the moulds on a newspaper lined work surface

Beeswax Christmas Decorations

Carefully pour the wax into the mould cavities around 3mm deep and allow to set.
There should be no mould sticking, and if you leave them to set until completely cold, no refrigeration is required

Beeswax Christmas Decorations

When cold and set, push the decorations out onto the bench.
Using a skewer or thin screwdriver, carefully push a hole through the "top" of each one ready for a cord or ribbon

Beeswax Christmas Decorations

The wax is actually soft enough to add some embellishments (such as Holly etc).
Dust with Medallion Gold Mica or White Diamonds Mica (use a dry, soft paintbrush or powder sprayer) to add that sparkling tough.

Beeswax Christmas Decorations

Thread through cord, raffia or ribbon and tie ready to hang on the tree.


Difficulty: Beginner