Book - Natural Skin Care Using Nourishing Oils




Focusing on using natural oils and butters in skincare, our new book is packed full of helpful tips and info plus loads of formulations for you to experiment with.  When making 'anhydrous' formulations (this means all oil and no water) you can avoid adding a preservative to most products.

From oil based cleansers to balms, salves and cuticle oils, there is an anhydrous product to suit everyone!  This book is suitable for beginners and experienced skincare artisans alike, and has information on how to tweak formulations to suit your needs.  For formulas that are not suitable for Vegans, there are tips and info on how to Veganise the formulas.

You can take control of what you put into your products, and of course what you leave out! 

Topics covered in the book include overviews on oils, butters and emollients, how to formulate and tweak products, equipment required, scenting, adjusting hardness and so much more.

Loads of formulas for:

  • Making Massage Oils 
  • Cuticle Oils
  • Beard Oils
  • Bath Oils and Blooming Bath Oils
  • Pure Oil Serums
  • Overnight Oils
  • Oil Based Cleansers and How to Formulate Them
  • Solid Moisturising Products
  • Bath Melts
  • Massage Bars and Lotion Bars
  • Lip Balms, Lip Butters and Lip Scrubs
  • Lip Scrubs
  • Balms and Salves
  • Scrubs and Emulsified Scrubs
  • Whipped Butters and Body Butters
  • Glossary of Terms and Ingredients

Pages:  91, Spirax Bound