Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask






5 Masks +++


30 mins

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Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

If you are a chocolate lover, you will love this mask!  Besides the amazing chocolate scent, the ingredients are thought to help soothe and rejuvenate tired skin.
Though this is a facial mask, it is great for a body mud too, just increase the quantities.   This formula is from our Formulating with Cosmetic Clay Book.

Makes 5 treatments



1 litre glass jug or bowl and small glass bowl    
Balloon whisk or mixing spoon
Spoon to fill pouches

Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask


Set out equipment and measure ingredients
Place the Natrasorb into the small jug and add the fragrance if using and mix in the fragrance until it resembles breadcrumbs
Place the rest of the ingredients into the large jug

Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

Add the Natrasorb mixture to the large jug
Using the balloon whisk, gently combine all the ingredients

Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

The mixture will look like this
Divide the mixture evenly between the five pouches, I use a spoon for easy filling
Seal the pouches until ready to use

Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

 When ready to use hydrate with Infused Floral Water or your favourite Hydrosol

Choc-Oat Yoghurt Mask

 Ready to apply

To Use:

For Facial Mask:  Hydrate by combining 40g of mixture (1 portion) and approximately 20 - 40g/ml Rose Infused Water (or you can use your preferred liquid) and mix to make a slurry or loose paste.  Apply to the skin, avoiding the eyes and allow remain on the skin for 10 minutes.  Rinse with off with water and then moisturise as usual.

For Body Mud:  Hydrate as above, ensuring you mix sufficient to cover the areas of the body as required.

No mess mask application:
  If using this mask for facial use, there is sufficient for one treatment in each of the pouches.  Open the pouch and add your preferred liquid to the pouch.  Close the zip and then massage the mixture to ensure it is fully hydrated - adjust the quantity of liquid if required.  Then use scissors to cut the entire zip seal section from the pouch and apply.  The pouch can be put straight into the bin.

Palm Oil Free: Yes
Difficulty: Beginner
Yields: 5 Masks +++
Time: 30 mins