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Clay Sampler

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For centuries, natural clays and minerals have been used for their beneficial effect on the skin.  When mixed with Hydrosols, Floral or Distilled Waters you create mud!  When this is applied to the skin, the mud masque draws out impurities and toxins as the mixture dries, whilst nourishing the skin with minerals.  Clays can also be used as gentle exfoliants and their application improves circulation.

All our clays can also be used as natural soap colourants, so you'll have lots to do with your sampler pack!   You'll be able to try 8 of our natural clays for one price and you'll receive 50g of our Premium Purple Brazilian Clay for FREE!   We adore the rich mauve colour of this clay, which is a dark purple-brown colour when wet and works well in soap as well as its specialty  in Spa Treatments.  Brazilian Clays are rich in minerals and smooth in texture. You have the option of Upgrading to include our  Formulating with Cosmetic Clay Book too.

Includes 100g of each:

- a highly absorbent, swelling clay that draws oils and toxins, tightens and tones
White (Aussie) - mild and soothing, this clay is suitable for dry skin
Yellow (Brazilian) - offers high electrolyte exchange capacity, promotes purifying, astringent, and remineralizing actions 
Green (French) - for oily, acne prone and congested skin
Red (Mediterranean) - the darkest in colour, this warm clay soothes and revives the skin
Dusky Rose (Mediterranean) - this superfine, pale dusky rose clay is used for extra-sensitive and mature skin
Caramel (Mediterranean) - improves the tone and texture of the skin, giving firmness and helping to prevent flaccidity. Useful for all skin types particularly recommended for mature skin

And you'll receive a FREE 50g Brazilian Purple Clay valued at $6.00.  Brazilian Purple Clay is suitable for all skin types including sensitive or mature skin.  
You can find lots of free recipes and spa treatments in our free recipe formulary

Countries of Origin: French Clays - France, Aussie Clay - Australia, Mediterranean Clays – within the EU, Brazilian Clay – Brazil.