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A useful ingredient in protective creams, skin lotions, hand creams, waterless hand cleaners, makeup, shampoos, de-frizz solutions and non-staining scent sprays. Dimethicone offers skin protection with a light touch, generally used where smooth feel and softness are required.

Silicone oils are derived from silica (sand and quartz are silicas). 

Dimethicone is a base fluid and volatile carrier suitable for use in a number of personal care products.

  • Skin protection
  • Water-repellency
  • Imparts soft velvety skin feel
  • Non-occlusive
  • Detackification
  • Emollient
  • Spreads easily on both skin and hair

Dimethicone adds slip and glide, reducing tackiness. It offers conditioning properties when used in hair and skin care applicationsSilicone oils are derived from silica (sand and quartz are silicas).

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Usage Rates:  1% to 30%

INCI: Dimethicone