Eco Glitter, Holographic (Regular)




aka Bio-degradable Glitter

Our Holographic Glitter is biodegradable and is formulated with cosmetic compliant ingredients.  Of course, all our glitters are suitable for skincare and cosmetic applications as well as for Scrap Booking and decoration of all manner of craft projects; so not just for body care!  A light sprinkle in the base of a bath bomb mould will give a lovely layer on the top when unmoulded.

Note:  This Glitter is a biodegradable version of our Rainbow GlitterThere are not as many variations of colour - please see the graphic.

These glitters are tricky to photograph - the colour may vary slightly due to your browser settings.

Product Suitability:

Bath Bombs:  Yes
Melt & Pour Soap - Yes, trial batch is still recommended
Cold Processed Soap - This glitter did not pass our tests, morphed and/or dissolved - if you have sucess, we'd love to hear about it!
Liquid Soap & Shampoo - Yes, but may fall to the bottom depending on thickness of product, trial is recommended
Liquid Soaps in Foaming Pumps - No
Cosmetics including Eye area - Use with caution around the eyes with caution due to the particle size
Lip Products - No, not tested to be edible 
This Colour is a:  Biodegradable, holographic, regular, cosmetic suitable glitter for use on the skin
Vegetarian, Vegan
Particle size: 0.015" - hex cut
Country of Origin: USA

All small sizes of our ECO Glitters are packaged in solid, reusable glass cosmetic jars.  Sizes 500g and over are packed in pouches.

To read our Eco Glitter FAQ Click the ‘Additional Information’ Tab (to the right) for further details

INCI: EcoGlitter aka Biodegradable Glitter, aka BioGlitter.