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Essential Oil Blends

We know how difficult it can be to blend Essential Oils to create an amazing synergy of scent and benefits, so we've blended them for you.  Our 100% Pure Essential Oil Blends can be used in all your body care products, including Lotions, Scrubs, Butters, Soaps, Conditioners and Shampoo, and of course Massage Oils and your Oil Burner.

As a general guide we suggest the following dilution ratios for safe use:
10 - 15 drops in your Oil Burner/Vapouriser to scent the room
40 - 50 drops per 100ml Massage Oil for massage (1 - 2%)
10 - 60 drops per 100ml Shampoo & Hair Products (0.5% - 3%)
20 - 50 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Body (1 - 2.5%)
20 - 40 drops per 100g for our unscented Skincare Bases for Face (0.25% - 1%)
25g/ml per kilo oil weight in soap (2.5%, though you can go up to 4% in Cold Process Soap)
10 drops Maximum in the Bath (be careful not to sit on the oils!) Use a little Solubiliser (Polysorbate 20) or CCG Solubiliser to help disperse oils in the water.

Please follow Essential Oil Safety Recommendations which are outlined here.  We also stock Complete Aromatherapy and Essential Oils Book Here.