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Flexible Silicone Platinum Mould

The flexibility of this innovative, sturdy, silicone column mould makes unmoulding "the log" so much easier! What a pleasure it is using this mould, especially for "In the Pot" swirls! The sides lock together with a tongue and groove design, so that the mould is water (and soap) proof when the seam is locked into place.

Ensure you have this LOCKED into the groove before soaping, and we recommend hand washing between use. If you don't feel comfortable, you can use "bulldog" clips for extra security!

The mould design makes use of extra thick silicone to keep the sides from bowing out and distorting the round shape. The interlocking seal is simple to use, no clamps or bands are needed (remember, you can clip the sides with 4 "bulldog clips" until you are used to using this new style of mould and feel comfortable with it.) This mould works well with melt & pour soap, too!

Tip:  If making Cold Process soap in this (or any) silicone mould we recommend adding Sodium Lactate Plus to your recipe. This will help to harden up your soap so that there won't be any dents or finger marks from unmoulding the soap. We find that Cold Processed Soap is better left in this type of silicone mould for 24 hours before unmoulding. As with most silicone moulds, your cold process soap may need an extra day or two in this mould to fully harden since the flexible silicone sides do not allow air inside the mould, which results in slower evaporation of water and hardening of your soap.

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Cavities: 1
Soap weight: approximately 1kg
Mould Size: approximately 25cm high x 7cm diameter
Manufacturer:  Aussie Soap Supplies

This silicone soap mould is safe up to 230°C, 440°F

Our Cucumber & Kiwi Cold Process soap recipe is HERE 

You can see a Soap Queen Tutorial Here using this Mould.


Cavities: 1
Individual Bar Weight: Cut to preferred size
Temperature: Up to 230°C, 440°F
Manufacturer: Aussie Soap Supplies
Mould Material: Flexible Silicone
Mould Colour: Natural
Overall Capacity: 1.1kg
Overall Mould Dimensions: 25cm high x 7cm diameter
Suitable For: Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Processed Soap