Fragrance Sampler - Pick Your Own! (for Kids) *Due back May

Was: $34.00
Now: $32.00



Great news!  This Pick Your Own pack is a younger version of our regular Pick Your Own sampler.  The choices are for younger noses, and although there are a few florals in here still, most of these you will also see listed individually in recommended for Kids Fragrance Section.

You can create your own fragrance sampler pack by dropping down the arrows below to see the choices available!  Like our our other fragrance samplers, you get 10 x 10ml bottles of our Artisan fragrances.

We still have our regular samplers, but thought it would be fun for you to PYO kids pack too, just like picking strawberries at a road side farm!  These are our most popular kit fragrances, and we're also offering a discount of $2.00 on this pack.

You might like to try a fragrance you have thought, "oh, I only want a little of that one"!  Though you won't have enough in a 10ml bottle for regular sized batches of cold processed soap, 10ml is a great size to test in individual Cold Processed bars in our silicone moulds, and plenty of fragrance for bars of Melt & Pour Soap, Lotions, Conditioners, Shampoo and Scrubs!

You need to slide the drop down arrow scroll bar right down to "Yuzu" to see all the fragrances you can choose from.

Don't forget to check that you have 10 different fragrances chosen before checking out!

Graphic is an a random example of 10ml fragrances.

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