Glycerine PF - Vegetable


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Glycerine (aka Glycerin, Glycerol) is a by product of saponification, however it is also produced commerically and is a sugar-alcohol and naturally present in many oils and fats (in the form of triglycides). Our Palm Free glycerine is sourced from Non-GMO, Kosher Canola Oil.

This invaluable natural source humectant has emollient-like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and helps the outer skin layer (the epidermis) to retain moisture.

Our Glycerine is suitable for cosmetic use and is BP standard.  Vegetable Glycerine is a clear, colourless, and odourless liquid with a sweet taste and has the consistency of a thick syrup (or liquid honey). Glycerine is soluble in both water and alcohol. 

Typically, Glycerine is added to emulsions (creams and lotions) in the water phase, and crafters also use this in hair conditioners, scrubs and foaming bubble bars and to assist distribution of colourants in products by diluting concentrated cosmetic colourants.

This is Liquid Glycerine (aka glycerin), NOT Melt & Pour Soap.

Recommended Usage Rates:  2 - 10% as a humectant*
Non-Palm, Vegetable Source:  Derived from Non GMO, Canola Oil
USP (United States Pharmocopoeia standard)
BP (British Pharmocopoeia standard)
Country of Origin:  United Kingdom
Except for the 100ml bottle, this product is sold by weight, not volume.

*Though glycerine is a humectant, which is why we usually add it to formulations, if you add a high percentage to your formulation, it can actually draw moisture FROM the skin.

Palm Oil Free: Yes
INCI: Glycerine
Ingredients: Vegetable glycerine from Canola Oil