Glyceryl Cocoate




Glyceryl Cocoate is a Non ionic surfactant derived from Coconut that is used as an emulsifier and mildness additive.  It behaves in a very similar manner to Polysorbate 80 but with a lot of added benefits.  It is well suited for use in Blooming Bath Oil applications, or for solubilising vegetable oils into surfactant systems.  Glyceryl Cocoate's most outstanding function is as a water soluble emollient.

As a raw ingredient it has an oily texture, not that dissimilar to standard vegetable oils.  When added to formulations it increases lubricity, leaving hair feeling conditioned and skin has a soft, cushioned feel.  For soap makers, think of this ingredient as your superfatting agent, the ingredient that creates a milder, more moisturising product.

This versatile emollient is also suitable for use in skin care formulations.

HLB 10.6
Usage Rate:  2 - 10%

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