Jar, Double Wall 30ml *In Stock




This high quality, double walled cosmetic jar holds approximately 30ml of product and is perfect for rich butters, moisturisers, balms, samples, travel and gifts.

The white/opaque plastic protects light sensitive ingredients, the double wall design helps insulate your products in temperature extremes and this jar has straight sides which makes labelling really easy.


Volume: 30ml
Diameter: External 53mm, Internal 46mm
Height (Base to Shoulder): 30mm
Height (Base to top of Lid): 45mm
Colour: White Base, White Lid, Natural or white inner seal

Material:  PP
BPA Free
Recycle:  5

As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities.  It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula. Volume given is as stated by the manufacturer and should be used as a guide only as no marked fill level is given.  We recommend weighing your product separately, and then in the vessel to ensure correct volume

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