Jasmine Infused Water




Jasmine Infused Water has a delightful aroma, and can be used straight on the face as a spritzer.  Jasmine Infused Water is a "light and happy" scent, calming and soothing, useful for all skin types including sensitive, dry and mature skin.  Jasmine Infused Water can be used as a part or all the water phase in lotions and creams, adding a light fragrance, which can be increased with Jasmine Absolute.

For an instant refresher in summer, keep in a spritzer in the fridge - a quick spritz on face, neck and arms instantly refreshes and hydrates.
Made by distilling essential oil into water.  The properties of the essential oil carry through to the Infused Water in a diluted state.  Safe to apply directly to the skin and face.

INCI: Aqua (and) Jasminum grandiflorum
Ingredients: Purified Water (and) Jasminum grandiflorum