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KRAFT Push Up Lip or Lotion Bar Tube - 15ml




Our KRAFT Push Tubes are 100% biodegradable and/or recyclable!  These tubes are suitable for solid anhydrous products including lip balm, temple balm, massage bar, body balm bars and solid perfumes.  Softer balms should be dispensed from the KRAFT JAR.

Point To Note:  These tubes are made of paperboard, and there is no winding mechanism, there is a disc inside the tube.  You 'push' the balm up by pressure through the base with your forefinger.  The discs in some tubes can fit more snugly than others, and we recommend you only push the product up sufficient for each use.

The manufacturer recommends a fill temperature of around 60 - 55°C or less.  This pour temperature also helps prevent 'divots' and 'heat tunnels' from pouring too hot. 

Recommended for anhydrous products
Not recommended for products containing water.

We recommend using gloss or waterproof labels to minimise fingerprints on the packaging.

Capacity:  15g/ml
Colour:  Kraft paper (brown)
Overall Height inc Lid:  65mm 
Lid height:  22mm
Tube Diameter:  Internal 19mm, External 21mm
Shrink Band Recommendation:  SIZE #2
Label size (from shoulder of tube to tube bottom):  41mm
Recommended Fill temperature:   55°C or less
Material:   Kraft paper board
Recyclable and completely biodegradable (This product is packed in a sealed plastic bag for hygiene, please re-use this bag at least once.)

Bulk Packs are not eligible for further discount.

Please note these are designed to be opened using a twist action.

As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities.  It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula.  Volumes given are from the manufacturer, with no marked fill levels on the container – it is important that you weigh or measure your product to ensure your labels are correct. The type of product and viscosity may affect volume too.

This product is on trial - it will become permanent should there be sufficient demand for it.