Loofah - Slices




Our Loofah Slices make it really easy for you to make your own single cavity Loofah soaps.  Whole Loofah can be a little difficult to cut and if you only want to make a few soaps, can use a lot of extra soap. Our slices are pre-cut to approximately 2cm (3/4") deep and the diameter is between 5cm - 7cm.   Make life easy!

Note:  Sizes vary due to the shape of the natural whole loofah.

TIP: If one of your loofah is a little skinny, or you want to use a different shaped mould, simply put it into water for a minute and watch it pop back into a round shape, or you can shape it into a square! If it has been on the bottom of the carton, simply give it a little nudge and you will have a perfectly shaped round slice!  Allow to dry out before soaping.

Hydrating loofah in water

INCI: Luffa cylindrica (Loofah)