Making a Natural Beeswax Palm Pillar Candle



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Beeswax & Palm Wax Pillar Candle

Note:  Tutorial Only - we no longer stock Palm or Soy Wax.  November 2017.

This stunning candle was created by Virginia, who has been “playing” with some of our Container Palm Wax and our Yellow Beeswax Pastilles for us.

Wicking Pillar Candles is very troublesome, and this amazingly patterned candle is test burning with a CDN 8 wick, and burning well. This Candle contains 80% Container Palm Wax, and 20% Golden Yellow Beeswax Pastilles, and without the beeswax, the palm would melt away after a number of hours. This is why our Eco Palm Wax is labelled “Container Wax”.

Although we can’t guarantee this categorically, this test candle shows how amazing it looks when the two waxes are combined at these percentages. The things to test if you are going to make one of these, is that Fragrances, Essential Oils and Colour can change the wicking requirements. We started with a CDN10, and as it was burning too fast, dropped it back to a CDN8. You may need to adjust this again, or use a different type of wick.

As you can see, the candle Moulds Virginia used were free! The gorgeous mottled candle is made using the smaller tin, if using a regular diameter tin (375ml) you will need to increase the wick size.

When using an aluminium tin as a candle mould, be very careful when cutting the aluminium away- it is razor sharp. Wearing gloves is a good idea.

Instructions on Using an Aluminium Drink Can for a Mould

  • To use a can, cut the top (with the ring pull hole) away using a can opener
  • Push a CENTRAL hole in the bottom of the can, to take the wick, and seal around the wick with some blue tack
  • Centre the wick as usual, then stand in a disposable waxed cup (in case of leaks)
  • Carefully pour in the wax and allow to set
  • Beeswax likes a SLOW cool down, so a little insulation is a good idea
  • When completely cold and you are ready to unmould, get some tin snips or universal cutters
  • To begin, cut the rim of the can at the wick end (this used to be the base of the drink can).
  • Start a small tear in the metal, then, slowly peel down and around (remember is SHARP) until you have exposed the whole candle.

I don't normally use a Fragrance with in Beeswax candles, but I have just tried
Country Kitchen aka Sleighride Fragrance and it was amazing!

Note: Virginia advises that this same effect was not achieved by trying to combine the Western Australian Beeswax or the White Beeswax Pastilles.

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