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Mineral Mud Pack Primer





2 masks


15 mins


How to Mix Mineral Mud Packs

It can be a little perplexing when trying to work out the best way to start out to mix mud and mineral packs.  Following are two methods which work well to hydrate the natural Clays and Spa Minerals we sell.  You can start with our Beginner Spa Masque Formulation, or create your own blend.  Don't forget our Spa Minerals are more active than regular clays, and can be used to activate regular clays.

Mixing Clays and Minerals

To make a facial mask or mud pack it is important to understand that each clay has differing absorbency levels.  As a rule of thumb use equal quantities of water and clay - ie 50:50.  So for instance use 100g clay to 100g/ml of floral water or water (Spring or distilled are the best as they are purest)

If you are mixing a body pack, or large volume of clay/minerals, the best way to prevent clogging and lumps is to avoid trying to manually “mix to combine clay and water. The method of absorption mixing (glass bowls are great for this so you can see the progress) saves lumps and frustration.  If you stir the mixture of clay and water, it is likely that you will have some problems, so just let it sit and wait for it to seep through.


Mineral Mud Pack Primer

There are two ways of doing this:

1. Using the 100g example, measure the 100g/ml floral water into a jug or bowl (glass or ceramic is best).   Pour the 100g clay or spa minerals on top of the water and allow it to seep down into the water.  By leaving for approximately 30 minutes or more, it should be uniformly wet.  Some clays, (and zeolites and micas) are lighter than others and these may take longer).

2. The other way is the reverse of the previous method!  Place the 100g clay into the bowl and then pour 100g/ml of water on to the clay, leave the clay for around 20 minutes and check to make sure the clay is completely wet.

With both these methods, after time has elapsed you should check for dry spots.  If you see any dry parts through the glass bowl, tap the bottom of the bowl lightly on the bench top until the water and clay are uniformly moist.  If you see any water pooled on the surface and all the clay is moist then carefully pour off the excess water.

What you are aiming for is a smooth paste similar in consistency to toothpaste (which are often Kaolin clay based!)


  • Measure ingredients into jug or container
  • Allow to sit whilst the clay absorbs the water
  • After 10 - 15 minutes mix the clay and water to make a smooth paste
  • Apply to the face, (leaving eyes and mouth and nostrils clear) or body
  • Lie in the bath or on your bed for 10-15 minutes and allow mask to dry
  • Rinse off with warm water and moisturise as usual

TIP:  As the skin is the body's largest organ, it can also be beneficial to rinse the mineral mask/mud pack off into the bath and then soak in the mineral enriched water.

Important:  Don't leave drawing mud masks on your face longer than it takes for it to dry as it can make the skin too dry