Mooncake Press(4), Round FLORAL




This round Mooncake Press features floral design discs to make a variety of attractive neat, decorative Shampoo Bars, Salt Cakes or Bath Bombs.  It has 6 interchangeable, intricate design disc plates which show to advantage in smoother mixes, but is still evident with fine sea salt. 

If you prefer the sharper definition look salt soak cake, use your soaping coffee grinder to powder any ingredients, including large salt crystals.

Diameter:  4.8cm (has a scalloped edge)
Up to 4.8cm deep (high)
Base to top of handle:  15.5cm
Number of Design Discs:  6 
Suitable for Salt Cakes, Bath Bombs and Bath Fizzies, Shampoo Bars and for malleable bath truffle mixes and kitchen items and Mooncakes!
Material:  ABS Plastic
Colour:  White to Off White