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Oxide - Green (Chrome)




Chromium Green Oxide is a rich, strong moss green colour. Achieve a pale, sage green, to a rich, strong mossy green by varying quantity used.  You can brighten it's character by blending Brites for CP Green or Brites for CP Yellow with this which gives a vibrance but still retain the moss green in your soap.

Product Suitability:

Melt & Pour Soap: No, best results for MP when Liquid Pigment  or Colour Block/Cube form is used
Cold Processed Soap: Yes
Cosmetics including Eye area: Yes
Lip Products: No
Suitable for Mineral Makeup: Yes
This Colour is a: Non bleeding Pigment Powder
Suitable For Liquid Products: No
Usage Guide Range: from 1/2 teaspoon per kg of soap

Our Test Results:

Hydrate in Water or Oil prior to use to avoid speckling.
Produces a mossy, earthy green at full stength, but paler sage colour at low concentrations or when mixed in white soap base.
pH sensitivity: Stable in high pH products such as CP Soap
Colour Fading: This colour is not light sensitive and not prone to fading
Colour Bleeding (Migration): Non bleeding, suitable for embedding, layering and swirling

INCI: CI 77288
Ingredients: Chromium Oxide Greens
Colour Bleeding (migration): No
Cold Process Soap (stable At High PH): Yes
Lip Products: No
Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Body Wash Etc: No
Melt & Pour Soap: Yes, liquefy first, or use the cubes/blocks
Oil Soluble Or Dispersible: Miscible in oil
Pigment Or Dye: Pigment
Scrubs, Anhydrous Products: No
Vegan: Yes
Water Soluble Or Dispersible: No, disperses - heavy pigment