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Salt, Pink Himalayan Coarse




Our Pink Himalayan Salt (halite) is hand-mined from within the ancient salt beds in the Himalayan Mountains.  As this remote area is protected from pollution and located in a pristine environment, it's clean and pure.

Himalayan salt exhibits a range of natural pink tones, from palest pink to a rich deep pinky red (due to it's high iron content).  Containing 84 natural elements and minerals, Himalayan salt is respected for it's soothing and stimulating properties.  Our Himalayan Salt is a great exfoliant and an excellent decorative inclusion in your products.

Coarse Granules:  Use in bath salts, salt blends and for decoration
Mix with Bath Blend Salt and Epsom Salts for similar sized granules, use a few of the coarse granules in the base of your bath bomb mould and sprinkle on top of your soap bars for the wow factor!

Fine Granules:  Use alone as an exfoliant and for decoration, in soap salt bars, in bath salts and salt blends, use in salt scrubs and for fine decoration effect.
Mix with our fine granule sea salt and Epsom salts for similar sized granules.

Our Stand Up Pouches are perfect to package salts - easy to label and keeps salts nice and dry!
You can find Bath Salt Recipes and Instructions Here in our Formulary

Though this is a food grade ingredient, it is purchased for cosmetic use.

Note:  There can be a wide colour variation between bag to bag due to the region in which this natural product is mined and the varying iron content.  However, all the salt is pink!

INCI: Sodium Chloride
Ingredients: Sodium Chloride