Scrub Granules - Coconut Shell




Natural, Botanical, Scrub Granules.

Coconut Shells have a wide variety of uses, and now, as an eco-friendly, fine exfoliant granule and are a great eco-alternative to poly beads.  Granules, the kernel is carefully dried and then milled (ground) to a fine granule making them suitable for use in body, foot and also facial scrubs.

This granule is a “medium” size (500 microns).  Our Coconut Scrub Granules are totally natural and environmentally sound.  They are sustainably and responsibly collected and processed by a small community in the Andaman islands (in the Indian Ocean) and they pose no risk to our oceans and rivers.

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Suggested Usage Rates:

Cold Process and Melt and Pour Soap:  5 - 15%
Body Scrubs: 5 - 20%
Foot Scrubs: 5 - 20%
Facial: 1 - 3 %

CAS:  8001-31-8
Granule Size:  500 micron
Area of Origin:  Andaman islands

In facial scrubs and cleansers we recommend gentle massage as the skin is more delicate on the face than other parts of the body.

INCI: Cocos Nucifera Powder
Ingredients: Ground Coconut Shells