SFIC Cocoa Butter - Natural Melt & Pour Soap Base




Our Cocoa Butter Melt and Pour Soap Base is creamy white in colour and is made with real Cocoa Butter.  The 5% Unrefined Cocoa Butter is included during saponification - not added later, so the lather is rich and luxurious.  We love crafting this base!

There is no Cocoa Butter aroma, so this won't interfere with the Essential Oils or Fragrances you will be adding

From the manufacturer: 

Finest quality glycerin soap made the old-fashioned way and adjusted for crafters' use. "As natural as we can make it."
Fine Natural Vegetable Oil Recipe*
We purchase Palm Oil from companies that comply with RSPO.
20% Kosher Glycerine added in most bases
No Animal Testing
No Animal Products
Vegan (excluding Goatsmilk Base)
Gluten Free (excluding Shaving Base)
Soy Free
No SLS or SLES are used in any of our soaps or bases
We purchase food grade oils (originating from plants) that are farmed by sustainable growers
Our raw materials are Non GMO
Made in Concord CA USA for over 45 years

You'll find a load of information, recipe ideas and tutorials using Melt and Pour Soap in our free Recipe Formulary here

Note:   6kg and 20kg pack sizes are usually supplied in unwrapped, easy to cut logs (not as single, 1kg wrapped blocks).
           20kg Cartons ship as one separate Parcel.