Soap Queen Hot Process Soap Tutorial






1 - 2 hours

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If you  have wondered about Hot Process Soap, rather than Cold Process Soap, Soap Queen's Video Tutorial will explain all!

From Anne-Marie:  Hot process soap is a fantastic method to create homemade soap from scratch. Similar to cold process soaping in many ways, hot process involves “cooking” the soap which speeds up the saponification process. In this Soap Queen TV video, I demonstrate how to create natural Lavender & Lemongrass Hot Process Soap in the crock pot. The extra heat cuts down dramatically on wait time! Hot process soap is ready to unmold within 24 hours, and does not require the 4-6 week cure time. Personally, I still like to allow my hot process soaps to cure for about 2 weeks to allow excess water to evaporate and create a harder bar.

Difficulty: Intermediate
Time: 1 - 2 hours