Soap Stamp - Goat Milk




Soap Stamps are an easy way to personalise your soap,  Acrylic stamps give the best results with steady, firm pressure using a rolling motion.  You can also brush the stamp with some Mica powder for added appeal.  Each durable stamp has an acrylic handle to assist lifting the stamp from the soap.

Suitable for use on half cured, cut Cold Process Soap; if your batch is soft best results are obtained after the soap bars have been drying for a week or so.

Material:  Acrylic
Approximate Stamp Dimensions:  38mm wide x 24mm high
Stamp on soap, depth:  3mm
Stamp Handle Size:  Small (to assist removal from soap bar)
Manufacturer:  Aussie Soap Supplies®

Instructions for use of this Acrylic Stamp:

  1. Cold Process Soap only!  (or HP, but not Melt and Pour Soap)
  2. Don’t use on fresh Cold Process Soap, or old Cold Process Soap – just in the middle of curing at about 4 weeks old
  3. Spray acrylic stamp with Isopropyl Alcohol before stamping
  4. Place on soap and press down firmly, moving a little forward and backward
  5. No mallet needed for this technique, just the heels of your hands
  6. Lift away from the soap
  7. See graphic for how to clean stamp without damage

Watch this Soap Queen video on stamping soap for tips and tricks to get the best out of your soap stamp.

Not recommended for Melt and Pour Soap