Surfactant CCG (Solubiliser)




CCG is a multi use surfactant in that it not only foams, but is also used as a Non PEG Solubliser.  CCG is a sugar based member of the alkyl polyglucoside family, Ecocert approved and maintains your products "green" profile.  CCG has excellent solubility, stability and surface activity.  It shows excellent solubilising properties in highly concentrated surfactant solutions also in the presence of salt and alkali's.

CCG is suitable for inclusion in shampoo and cleanser formulas with a high percentage of surfactants cationics (Guar Conditioner & Conditioning Emulsifier).  CCG is also tolerant of highly alkaline products such as Natural Liquid Soap (Castile and handmade liquid KOH based soaps).  Because of this tolerance it is really useful to solubilise the Essential Oils and Fragrances used to scent these finished products whilst maintaining their natural profile.

CCG is suitable for use as a primary cleanser in gentle facial cleansers and make-up remover formulations.  CCG can also be used in leave on products such as moisturiser creams and Lotions.

CCG can be substituted for Polysorbates in most formulations including room mists and linen sprays, either partially or totally.  Begin trying a ratio of 1:1, and increase up to 1:10 to achieve the required result.

Suggested Usage Rate: 1 - 10%
Activity:  62 - 65%
Vegetable Derived (sugar based)
EcoCert Approved

INCI: Caprylic, Capric Glucoside; Caprylyl/Capryl Glucoside