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Using our Loofah Sponges - not just for the Bathroom!

Loofah Info Page

Loofah is uniquely designed by Mother Nature to thoroughly cleanse and massage your skin!   You can use Loofah dry, but it’s a tough exfoliator, or use it moistened and it is much more gentle, but still sloughs away dry skin.  Use with Shower Gel and you have added cleansing, or incorporated into soap, and its ready to go each time you need it. Its fibres help to stimulate circulation; and your skin will look and feel softer and smoother after each use.

By removing the dry, dead skin cells, you are helping to regenerates the growth of new skin cells.  Regular use helps to stimulate peripheral circulation, drain the lymphatic system, exfoliate and soften the skin – it’s a lot of result from such a humble veggie!

Loofah, Loofah, Loofah!

  • Wet the Loofah sponge before first use.  This is particularly important for the elderly as the skin thins down, and the dry Loofah will be too harsh unless dampened

  • Massage using circular movements, starting on the palms of the hands or feet, then work up the body towards the heart

  • If you have very delicate skin, are elderly or have areas of red or broken skin, use very little pressure and ALWAYS use the Loofah wet, never dry

  • The intensity of the massage can be more vigorous the healthier your skin is, and to suit your skin type and personal preference

  • Wet your new Loofah sponge and it will soften immediately, it can then be reshaped as required and allow to dry

  • Allow whole Loofah sponges to dry by hanging to avoid any mildew and you will feel fresh after every use!

  • Like a toothbrush, it is a good idea for each member of the family to have their own Loofah

  • Loofah will even handle a machine wash once or twice to clean and sterilise it for further use

  • It is a good idea to discard after 3 months or so of use and replace with a new one (yes, just like a toothbrush!)

  • You can also use your loofah to clean the dishes!

Using Loofah Sponges in the Home

Using Loofah Sponges in the Home


Loofah Info Page