Wide Neck Tub - Black Lid 250ml




These clear PET jars have a black lid and are easy to label and pack.  Suitable for Body Butters, Sugar and Salt Scrubs, Bath Salts, storing moisturiser bases and any other bath and body products you make.

Our Wide Neck Jars are supplied complete with wadded lid screwed onto the base.  Multi packs are heat sealed or bagged to keep out dust and dirt during storage, packing and transit.

Holds 250ml
External Height Wall - for maximum Label Size : 34mm
External Height Including Lid: 50mm
External Diameter: 90mm

Confirming as of July 2019:  We are back to our wadded lids!

As with all packaging, we recommend thorough testing of packaging before purchasing large quantities.  It is your responsibility to ensure the packaging is compatible with your product / formula. Volume given is as stated by the manufacturer and should be used as a guide only as no marked fill level is given.  We recommend weighing your product separately, and then in the vessel to ensure correct volume. 

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