Wooden Slab Mould (with Silicone Liner)




Our new Wooden Slab Mould is supplied with sturdy Silicone Liner and holds up to a 2290g batch of Cold Process Soap or Melt and Pour Soap.  We also use it for smaller sized batches too!  The heavy duty, platinum quality silicone liner makes it easy to unmould, and easy to handle. This mould is also supplied with a lid that fits snugly on the base helps insulate Cold Process Soap, or avoid sweating on your Melt and Pour Soap slabs if you don't have time to cut them straight away.   Don't forget, you can of course use the mould as a shallow, rectangular tray mould by only filling a few centimetres deep.

This mould does not have a removal base, so the soap is unmoulded (for Cold Process Soap after a few days depending on how soft your recipe is, and Melt & Pour Soap as soon as it is completely set and cold).

Cavities: 1
External Dimensions:   26.8cm long x  19cm wide x 9.5cm deep
Liner Internal Dimensions:   23.5cm long x  16.3cm wide x  6.8cm deep
Volume of Soap:  Up to 2290g to the brim - can be half filled of course!
Quantity of Soap Bars:  9 - 13 bars, depending on how you cut them
Individual soap weight:  as large or small as you choose!
Material:  Plantation Pine with Flexible Food-grade Silicone*  (FDA standard)
Finish:  Raw
Easy Clean:  Warm, washing up water (we do not recommend using a dishwasher)
Suitable for:  Melt and Pour Soap and Cold Processed Soap, Hot Process Soap
Temperature -10 - 230°C
Mould Colour:  Unfinished, plantation pine (no varnish), natural colour liner
*Once used for soap the silicone liner is no longer food-suitable
**Dimensions given are approximate

If using cold process soap, we recommend either a 15% water discount, or adding 1 tsp Sodium Lactate per 500g of soap to your recipe for easier unmoulding.

See this page for usage and care instructions for the silicone liner that is supplied with this mould.


 The liner is not designed to be turned inside out, but is very flexible and sturdy.

Cavities: 1 - cut to preferred dimensions
Temperature:: -10 - 230°C
Manufacturer: Aussie Soap Supplies
Mould Material: Flexible Food-grade Silicone* (FDA standard)
Mould Colour: Natural
Overall Capacity:: Up to 2290g to the brim - can be half filled of course!
Overall Mould Dimensions including Lid: 26.8cm long x  19cm wide x 9.5cm deep
Inner LINER dimensions: 23.5cm long x  16.3cm wide x  6.8cm deep
Suitable for: Cold Processed Soap, HP Soap and Melt & Pour Soap